Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Becoming Uncommon

In his New York Times bestseller, "Quiet Strength", Tony Dungy, who led the Indianapolis Colts to victory in Super Bown XLI, said the following:

"Some Players are uncommon because of their God-given natural abilities, like being blessed with the height of Yao Ming or the vertical jump of Michael Jordan. Others have to work to become uncommon. Steve Kerr of the Chicago Bulls shot five hundred free throws a day to make himself uncommon. The truth is that most people have a better chance to be uncommon by effort than by natural gifts. Anyone could give that effort in his or her chosen endeavor, but the typical person doesn't, choosing to do only enough to get by".

In the current economic environment in which we look for new employment or work to advance our careers, "becoming uncommon" is an absolute necessity if you hope to "stand out from the crowd".

What are you willing to do to "become uncommon"?

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  1. Thank you Glen for this "deep thought." That is sucha great question that it has caused me to ask what I have done or am willing to do to improve my career and become a stand out.
    As a personal interview coach, I feel that I have to be able to motivate people and lead others with the best tools and techniques. One thought is improving ones skills. The thought of never arriving at a destination but making life a journey.
    A recent post of mine www.theinterviewgurus.com/theblog I speak to this idea of improved personal efforts and branding.
    Truly Glen, thank you for the post.